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Welcome to Don't leave your crumbs out! This is a site where i post some stuff including updates for my webcomic Wanderer! Please make sure to check the progress of Wanderer every tuesday if you like what you see, and other than that, thank you for your stay.

finally updating the site soon after a bit of nothing

maybe i'll continue wanderer or make a new webcomic someday


21 may. 2024

wanderer discontinued, planning a site remodel soon

i got pretty bored, check the gallery page for some unreleased stuff while you wait


10 dec. 2023


The first game over page has been released :)


10 oct. 2023

Wanderers are crusteaceans.

Also i'm delaying the next update


2 oct. 2023

Hello everyone, this is my first updatelog update. There's not a lot to say so i'll be quick.

First: thank you to everyone who read Wanderer up to this point, and second: The first update of Wanderer Chapter 1 is coming out at the 18th of September 2023!

Thank you for reading this little message.


6 sept. 2023