Don't Leave Your Crumbs Out

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Wake up.

I wake up in my room, feeling pretty weird and disoriented. Whose room is this again? Why is everything shaky? Why do i feel the need to vomit? Whoever knows is probably up somewhere laughing, bickering about how screwed i am. Is this a prank? Please be a prank.

Assess your surroundings.

The room is completely white, with the only sign of color being from outside of the window. There's a bed, which is very messy. It seems that I've fallen out of the sheets, which explains the ongoing headache that's stirring in my head. There's a cabinet with a bunch of clothes, there's a table with a bunch of rice neatly sitting on a plate and a cup of milk, and a white door. There's also a small notebook lying on the ground with two red and blue pencils laying next to it, and of course, there's also a small window.

Look out the window.

Outside the window is just water. Just a big blue sky, and a large body of water. It seems that I'm on a little boat, simply going somewhere mysterious.

Get out of here

I reach out to the beckoning doorknob, and to no surprise, it's locked. I might as well just stay here and make use of everything that's here.

Read the notebook.

Inside the notebook are a bunch of hastily scratched writings and dumb, fast scribbles. Most of the writings are just dumb statements like '24xx.5.24 i eat brekfas and it was gud. i lik ma chikn wiins'. Who even made this? Oh wait. 'yigoi :)'

So who's Yigoi?

Eat your rice.

I walk to the table, and dig in the mountain of rice with my hand. I put the scoop of rice into my mouth, and it tastes plain. Maybe the milk will taste better? I take a sip of the milk, and my face scrunches up at the less than orthodox taste. If you're wondering, the milk tastes bitter and salty, neither of which should be in plain old milk.

Draw something on the walls.

I take the red pencil lying on the ground and draw a little smiley face on an empty part of the wall. I then put a little bit of text under it, labelled 'Little Bob'. His name is Little Bob now.

Talk to Little Bob

"Hello, Little Bob."

Little Bob says nothing. He just idly smiles back at me.

"So how's existence, Bob?"

Little Bob doesn't reply.

"Ah cool. Are you happy with life?"

Little Bob just sits there.

"Of course, of course. Say, where am I? Where is this blue sea? Where am I in the world?"

And of course, Little Bob just smiles. He isn't really conscious. He isn't really sentient. He isn't alive. He never has been. I've just been talking to myself this entire time. I guess I might be going crazy.

Scream out the window

I scream outside of the window for help, but unsurptisingly, no one responds. What did I expect from the big blue sea? Well, I could really expect anything, who knows if there are living creatures under there. None of them even heard my cries for help.

I hate it here.

Nothing I in this room really matters, as I'm always still in the same position, no matter what I do. I might as well just wait here. It seems like nothing is the best usage of my time.


I simply wait. The time feels like I'm waiting a few months or years, but I'm hardly growing any hair on my face. I'm just sitting there, witing for something to happen.

Lie on your bed and sleep.

I lie on my bed, looking at the white ceiling for hours and hours. Slowly, my eyes get tired and they begin to automatically close. Instead of white, I now see nothing. Darkness.

After a few moments, I open my eyes and see that nothing has changed. The opened sketchbook is still there, the empty plate with little bits of rice is still there, and Little Bob is still there.

Introduce yourself

Who should I introduce myself to? I'm pretty sure whoever is giving me commands, also known as the voice in my head knows me well enough. I also basically have nothing to introduce, so there's nothing important to know.

After a bit of sitting down and waiting, the boat shakes violently, making the door slam to the wall so hard, that it essentially breaks the hinges, making it fall on the ground. I guess this must be my destination.

Look out the window.

Outside, I see that the boat has crashed into a large library filled with a bunch of books. It seems that there a bunch of people inside. They're just simply walking around, reading some stuff and socializing with eachother. It's a pretty strange site for anything to crash into, let alone a boat.